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At Premium Pools & Gardens, we specialize in professional gardening and garden maintenance service. We offer high quality workmanship with over 15 years of experience, tailoring solutions to keep your garden lush and blossoming.

At PPG, we believe that the grass should not be greener on the other side of the fence. Our services cover every element of your garden maintenance, including lawn maintenance, irrigation, planting and after care. We also like to keep our clients safe and do those extra ladder climbs to make sure your roof gutter is in an immaculate condition.

Since 2009, we provide reliable and professional gardening services in Brisbane. Whether you are looking for general garden maintenance or a complete garden makeover, you can be confident your garden is under excellent care with PPG.

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Evergreen Gardens
With Garden Maintenance Brisbane

Every garden needs general maintenance check-ups at certain times. But you can find it difficult to keep up with all the gardening jobs after a while. Can that mowing, or watering wait until next week?

Your garden can quickly become a duty and burden rather than a source of enjoyment. Without proper care, your lawn and plants lose their vividness in a blink and become more vulnerable to pests and diseases.

At Premium Pools & Gardens, we’ve got you fully covered with our lawn mowing, aeration, irrigation and general plant control services. After completing a face-to-face consultation, we discuss with you about a tailored one-off or regular maintenance schedule that keeps your garden evergreen and healthy.

Lawn Mowing & Aerating

As garden owners, lawn maintenance is a duty we cannot escape from. But maintaining a healthy lawn goes beyond some cutting and trimming. Our lawn mowing and aeration services help you preserve your lawn’s health and reduce its maintenance needs.

Different types of grasses require different methods. At Premium Pools & Gardens, we pick the most suitable treatment and carry it out with the greatest care.

After our lawn mowing and aeration services, your lawn will enjoy multiple benefits, such as:

  • Perfectly neat edges and trimming

  • Improved effectiveness of fertilisers

  • Improved water uptake and air exchange

  • Stronger and denser roots

  • Enhanced drought and heat tolerance

At Premium Pools and Gardens,
We Keep Your Lawn In An Immaculate Shape.

Make your neighbours green with lawn envy and give us a call at 0409 538 643 to arrange your professional lawn maintenance. Still got some questions about our lawn maintenance service? Do not hesitate to submit an enquiry and we will get back to you in no time.

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& Watering Solutions

At PPG, we do not let your garden turn into a mud or desert. Our irrigation systems ensure controlled watering at needed intervals. We select and install quality sprinklers, pipes and irrigation control to deliver the right amount of water at a consistent pace and even coverage.

Do you have an irrigation system set-up already? Contact us to make sure your sprinklers are adjusted correctly in each season. The watering pattern needs to change according to the surrounding environment temperature and seasonal rainfall patterns. A timely adjustment protects your lush outdoors from over- or under-watering and prolongs the life of your living outdoors. Contact our fully qualified staff to make sure you have a water system in place that keeps your garden healthy and evergreen.

Our Gardening Services

Besides general garden maintenance, we also offer specialised gardening services in Brisbane. Did you see a flower or plant that you think would look great in your garden? Different plants have different hardiness and heat tolerance.

Other factors you may need to consider include irrigation, light, day length, soil composition or air circulation.

At PPG, we assist you through the planting process, from plant selection to after care.

Our service covers every element of planting and gardening, including:

  • Consulting about plant and planting spot selection

  • Mulching for proper soil insulation and moisture

  • Hedging, pruning and weeding to stimulate plant growth and thickness

  • Fertilizing to promote plant health and prevent any pests or diseases

  • Keeping your garden clean with green waste removal

At PPG, we bring your garden to life and share some quick after care tips and tricks. Arrange an on-site meeting to obtain your fully detailed quote.

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Bonus Garden Maintenance Service:
Professional Gutter Cleaning

The roof gutter may not be the most visible part of your home, but it can be a hidden source of interior and exterior damages when it is not maintained properly. Debris, leaves, sticks cause clogging which lead to leaks and water damages in the long run. Your gutter will turn into a money pit quickly if you let it fall by the wayside.

At Premium Pools & Gardens, we provide professional gutter cleaning services to help our clients avoid:

  • Structural roof and foundation damage

  • Leaks and water-soaked exteriors

  • Uninvited housemates, such as pests and birds

  • Garden overwatering due to gutter overflows

Our fully qualified staff ensures that your gutter cleaning is carried out to the highest standards. Save yourself some juggling and give us a call or request a free quote for your next gutter check-up.

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