Professional Pool Landscaping & Pool Maintenance

Pool landscaping transforms pool surroundings, bringing out the value your pool carries. There are many decorative elements and ways to ensure your pool blends in with the outdoors naturally and fits into your lifestyle effortlessly.

At Premium Pools & Gardens, we transform pool areas into unique and beautiful outdoors. Pool landscaping can include everything from retaining walls to decks, patios and tiled surrounds. While walls and decks maximise seating and playing surfaces around your pool, fences ensure the complete privacy and safety of those pool parties. We also offer pool friendly plants in our landscape designs to enhance your pool garden’s beauty and bring those green outdoor vibes back.

If landscaping brings out the value of your pool, maintenance preserves that value over time. Our experienced team can assist you with both professional pool landscaping and maintenance services. Since 2009, Premium Pools & Gardens has landscaped and revamped the most magnificent outdoor pools of Brisbane. With over 15 years of experience, we know what plants, materials and structural designs will give your pool and garden that wow effect.


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Safety Beyond Aesthetics With The Pool Landscaping Brisbane Expert

In Queensland, pool owners need to comply with specific structural requirements to obtain a safety certificate. At PPG, we consult you about a pool landscape plan that ticks all the boxes, helping you avoid any penalties and ensuring:

Pool construction is certainly not an investment you would repeat. Contact us to arrange a face-to-face consultation and we will give you the most feasible design with a fully detailed quote.

Safe & Inviting Pools With Regular Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a pool itself is an easy task that everyone can learn. Does this mean that you can do it all by yourself? Bad news, there are problems only a professional can detect. Good news, you need definitely less frequent professional cleaning if you follow our maintenance instruction sheet.

Certainly, keeping a pool up and running can turn your pool into a money pit. But treating problems in the early stages saves the cost of potential major repairs. At PPG, we detect problems before they become visible and provide advice when problems are visible.

Our maintenance services get you fully covered, including:

With PPG, you can have peace of mind that your pool is under excellent care. Request a free quote or give us a call to arrange your next pool cleaning.

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Pool Service: When Your Pool Starts Blossoming

Even if you followed our instructions, your pool may turn green during the winter period. Pool-bleaching and shocking are some fast methods to restore pH balance. But will these treatments really help?

The fastest method is not the most efficient sometimes. We often work with clients who followed product instructions and nevertheless saw their pool returning green. If this happened to you, chances are high that you did not test the pH level properly or that the Brisbane weather tricked you. At PPG, we know that the hot and humid Brisbane weather provides a perfect environment for the algae to grow. We pick a solution that factors these weather conditions and guarantees that the algae will not return.

Over the past decade, we cleaned the worst of green pools and brought their sparkling cleanliness back.  There is nothing our comprehensive water chemistry test has not seen before. We use the best quality chemicals and latest technologies to remove all bacteria and recover your pool’s pH balance.

Green pool before
clean pool after


Contact us at 0409 538 643 and we will help your pool become the treasure of your home again.  


Resurfacing: A Pool Service To Knock Your Pool Into Shape

Does your pool need resurfacing? It is quite difficult to estimate. One crack, two cracks, a small erosion mark or a bit jagged surface cannot hurt, right? Certainly, your pool is still inviting and appealing.

Pool paint is a common, affordable do-it-yourself solution to patch some issues. But paint also wears off faster and you shortly notice colour fading and cracking again. We easily forget how the costs start adding up when your pool does not get the proper treatment.

Surely, pool resurfacing is a bigger investment. But the long lasting results pay for themselves. Whether your pool has cracks, leaks, discolouration or just looks worn down, PPG restores its sparkling glory. We have the proper equipment and the best quality materials to give your natural, concrete or fibreglass pool a new lease of life.

Pool resurfacing before
Pool resurfacing after

 Why should you choose us? Our quality finishes:

Choose PPG’s professional pool renovations team to save time and money and find the best solution for your pool. Request an on-site meeting and knock your neglected pool into shape in no time.


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