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With over 15 years’ experience, Premium Pools & Gardens specialise in retaining wall services. We offer high quality workmanship, transforming your outdoor dream into a reality.

Our experienced team can assist you with both residential & commercial landscaping projects including designing and building retaining walls, fencing, deck, pond, garden pathway, etc.
At Premium Pools & Gardens, you bring the vision, our qualified landscapers then turn that vision into a unique place that serves to relax and impress.

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Retaining Wall Expert

A retaining wall serves to gain viable land, stabilise soil and prevent erosion.
Retaining walls can be built using numerous types of materials, however, no matter which materials are used, the walls must be strong and sturdy.

At Premium Pools & Gardens, we aim to build a wall that lasts a lifetime while adding functional space and attractive structures to your yard. After completing a face to face consultation to obtain your brief and requirements, we will give you the most feasible design with a full detailed quote.

Retaining Wall Projects

Rendered Block Retaining Wall

Rendered Block
Retaining Walls

Famous for its strength and durability, block retaining walls are the perfect choice for houses that need extremely robust walls that stand up to the test of time. Additionally, block walls require minimal maintenance, allowing you to spend more time looking after other parts of your house.

Rock and Boulder Retaining Walls

Rock and Boulder
Retaining Walls

Stone walls offer both functional and decorative value. Furthermore, you will have a lot of choices for a variety of stone types. If done right, stone retaining walls will not only create an elegant look in your garden but also indirectly increase your home’s value.

Timber Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls

Despite limited availability in some particular shapes only, timber retaining walls boast a natural and charming look that adds decorative appeals to your garden at low costs. If you are looking for a relatively cheap Retaining Wall that will blend into your Landscape a Timber Sleeper Retaining Wall is your solution. Timber walls can last up to 20 years if constructed Correctly. These walls can be built up to 1.6m High with Engineers Directions.

Concrete Sleeper
Retaining Walls

Relatively new to the market, Concrete sleepers are a long term option that takes up minimal space and can be constructed to 2+ meters high with Engineers Design. With use of Galvanised H Posts and Reinforced Concrete Sleepers, these walls are not only strong but will outlast Timber Sleeper walls. There are many designs of Concrete Sleepers available now to suit the look you want.

Link Block
Retaining Walls

Link Blocks are a great way to retain Land or form a raised garden bed. Most link blocks are restricted to Retaining Walls 1m or below. There are many link blocks available at Centenary Landscaping to choose from. All of which we are qualified to install. Talk to us about the newest Products on the Market.

Building Retaining Walls
Is a Complex Project

Incorrect installation leads to major repairs and later investments. Furthermore, in Queensland, you also have to consider getting approval from the Council. At Premium Pools & Gardens, we provide professional advice on materials and structural design. We will also consult you whether or not you need approval. Contact us for a solution that ticks all the boxes and leaves you with a peace of mind.

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