At PPG, making simple things beautiful is what we do. Fencing is a highly visible and unavoidable item around the home., yet it is commonly the most neglected.

PPG have a number of Fencing options. Whether you are looking for pool fencing, boundary fencing, screening or a feature fence we can help.

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  • Timber Fences

  • Colourbond  Fences

  • Dressed Timber Fences

  • Block and Pier Fences

  • Detailed Timber Fences

  • Aluminium Slat Fences


  • Aluminum Fences

  • Glass Pool Fences

  • Perforated Decorative Pool Fences

  • Custom Designer Pool Fence

PPG accommodates most budgets, offering entry, mid range and designer fencing styles at competitive pricing options.

Discover more about PPG’s fencing range. Here are some fencing ideas that we have installed at previous projects.

Entry Level

Timber Fence:
Treated Pine

Pine paling fencing is a common boundary fence to separate 2 properties. These can come in multiple styles including double paling soundproof and friendly neighbour (palings both sides).

Installing a capping timber can also provide a higher end feel for a small increase in price. PPG always recommends using 100x75mm Hardwood Posts concreted in ground at 600mm deep and pine rails and palings. Great for use on flat and sloping land.


Colorbond Fencing is another great option for boundary fencing when you want to provide complete privacy and not have the worry of the fence rotting or getting eaten by termites. With bulk manufacturing locally, these fences can be similar in price to a timber fence (pine paling) to have installed. Posts should be concreted in ground at 600mm deep, the panels all slot together and provide a nice effect in the right location. Lighter coloured fences could need cleaning as they are prone to getting dirty in low light/leafy situations. These fences can increase in price when not on flat ground.

Mid – High End

Dressed Timber

Using a natural product like dressed timber can provide a high end and softening look to your property. Using hardwood like Merbau or Spotted gum will require some ongoing maintenance but it can create a real point of difference at your property. Using quality dressed timber might cost a little more at the initial install but will reduce the risk of the timber from twisting or bending.

High End

Block and
Pier Fence

Block Walls with infills are a great front fence feature for just about any property. This is a fence that will require very little ongoing maintenance and provides complete security at your home. Blocks are installed to create a low wall with tall posts/piers every 2-3 meters. In between these piers you can install Aluminium or timber infills. This helps break up the fence to achieve a Grand finish to the front of the property. These are at the higher end of the budget due to the labour and mix of trades required from start to finish.

Detailed Timber

Colonial or traditional fencing to suit the Queenslander home require a lot of detail and time however the finish look blends seamlessly with the home. These fences allow for some nice painting detail that can pick up the colours in the trim of home to tie. Pine and Hardwood materials can be used depending on the finish look required.

Aluminium Slat

Aluminium Slats are a great low maintenance contemporary option for front or side fencing. Aluminium posts are concreted in ground and the slats are fixed between posts at pretty much any spacing as required for privacy. The larger the gap the better the airflow through the fence. A large range of colours to choose from.

Entry Level


The Aluminium fencing panels and posts can come in a range of colours to suit pretty much any home. Great low maintenance pool fence and easy to install. The powder coated panels and posts have a great resistance to the harsh pool chemicals and will stand the test of time if installed correctly.

Mid Level

Frameless Glass
Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing has become more affordable since becoming more regularly used in Pool Safety Fencing. The glass panels are slotted into 2 inground spigots and are installed with a small space between each panel. Glass can range in quality and PPG uses a quality supplier to ensure our glass is safe around pools and children. The glass will need cleaning from time to time to remove watermarks to keep it crystal clean.

Mid – High End

Perforated Decorative
Pool Fencing

Aluminium perforated pool safe fencing that has many designs available. Similar look to laser cut screen panels but made compliant to Australian Standards. Zero maintenance required to keep clean. Relatively new product to the market and getting more and more popular for those who want something different to glass.

Custom Designer
Pool Fencing

At PPG we can create any design or vision you may have to create a one off Pool Fence to meet code. We can use your ideas to design a fence that will meet the current legislation but also create a point of difference to your home. We know the Pool Safety Laws and can ensure the creation meets can be certified for your peace of mind. Get in touch with us today to discuss your Custom Pool Fencing.

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