Fencing is a structure built to either screen, define a boundary line on a property or to keep matter in or out of an area.

Fencing in Brisbane is predominantly made from Timber, Colourbond or Chain link. Timber is by far the most popular due to its look, price and lifespan. Chain link fencing was used in the past as boundary fencing but not so much these days. It is widely used in Council areas such as walk ways, dog parks or children’s play areas.

Pool Fencing is made from aluminium sheeting and is erected in a way that is compliant with Pool Safety Regulations. Pool Fencing is mandatory in Brisbane and Australia.

PPG can install all Fencing in Brisbane including Pool Fencing, Colour bond, Timber and Chain link fencing.

Call PPG today to discuss your new fencing requirements whether it be Pool Fencing or Boundary Fencing out of any of the above materials. ie Pine Paling Fencing, Chain Link Fencing, Colour bond fencing.