The great outdoors. The sun on your back. The wind in your hair. Earth on your hands. The view over the ocean. There’s nothing quite like it! So how do you peel your kids away from their electronic devices, into the outdoors and actually get them to enjoy it?

Here’s a couple of easy ways to get your kids enjoying the great outdoors.

Incorporate technology into the outdoors

Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Think about it. Your kids can probably run rings around you with technology. Get to know them by incorporating a technology challenge during your next family outdoor adventure. One idea might be a photography challenge using a camera app. You’ll be amazed at what they’ll shoot and how they’ll enhance a photo with technology.

Involve them in a project

Got a patch of grass that you want to convert into a veggie patch? How do you involve them? Ask them what they’d like to grow, take them plant shopping and involve them in preparing your veggie garden. They’ll love getting their hands dirty! Not too sure where to start with your next garden project? Contact us at Premium Pools & Gardens for advice on all things outdoor!

Let them choose the adventure

Remember when you were a child and it was your parents that made all the decisions? Why not let your kids choose the outdoor adventure? Present them with a few options – a day at the beach, a hike in the hills, a country day-trip. Ask them what you might need – food, drinks, treats. Sure, they’ll probably choose the unhealthy options, but they’ll love being empowered to make family decisions. You’ll be surprised what they come up with!

Incorporate your beliefs with the outdoors

Many families have strong beliefs about faith, society and the environment. Why not use an outdoor adventure to incorporate your beliefs and values into your children’s lives? You could chat about how your faith sees nature, or how we are responsible for keeping our planet healthy. Children have very attuned senses of social and environmental justice, and who could argue against educating our children on the importance of climate change? Incorporating your own values and beliefs into your next outdoor adventure will ensure you are educating your children and having fun at the same time.

If all else fails, bribe them!

It’s classic behavioural training. If you come out to the beach, we’ll get an ice-cream afterwards! What’s the goal? To get your kids to enjoy the outdoors. So what if it costs a couple of dollars on an ice-cream or a burger – you’ll be outside, away from a screen and enjoying all of Mother Nature’s goodness together as a family!

Enjoying the outdoors with your family needn’t be a chore. Get your kids involved on their level and allow them input into what you do. Don’t be scared to use outdoor time to impart your family beliefs into your kids. Get outdoors, enjoy an ice-cream and have some good family fun together!