1. Empty the Strainer baskets regularly.
  2. Scoop leaves from the pool and Brush down the walls and steps.
  3. Maintain a correct water level above the skimmer box at all times. You may need to top the pool up if we go through dry periods throughout the year.
  4. If you use a pool cover throughout winter always keep a check of the water clarity and colour once a week to prevent any major disappointment when you remove the cover to swim.
  5. Try to store your pool cleaning equipment somewhere out of the sun to prevent damage to the plastic.
  6. Check your automatic pool cleaner is working by:
    • Ensuring the skimmer basket is emptied regularly.
    • Making sure the plate is seated correctly in the skimmer box.

Note: Sometimes pool cleaners can have lugs that will require to be lined up. Place your hand over the hole where the hose plugs are, with the pump running, and ensure there is sufficient suction. Then plug the hose in and test the pool cleaner.

If the pool cleaner still isn’t working the issue will be in the head (the part that carries out the cleaning). When carrying out head checks ensure, the hose has to be disconnected from the plate to ensure that you do not allow the pump to draw in air.

Check the opening for any debris. Something as tiny as a pebble or leaf can stop a cleaner from working. Depending on what type of cleaner you have, clear the obstruction. When you are positive all tiny obstructions have been removed, place the cleaner back in the water, plug in the hose and the cleaner should be working.

After swimming try to encourage pool users to remove toys and other items from the pool. As these can cause blockages in the pool cleaner.