Read our article on Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting in any yard is important, but it becomes even more important when you are selling your home and trying to impress potential buyers. The entrance to the property should have character however natural lighting should be considered to give an open and welcoming feel. Natural Light in areas of the yard will help in a number of ways including grass growth, plant health and deterring pests such as mosquitos.

Some of tricks we suggest are very simple and cost effective to lighten up spaces in your garden. Firstly look at the trees in your property and remove lower branches. Prune off the next door neighbours shrubs and trees overhanging fence lines. Use Bright coloured mulch to make your green shrubs stand out. Splash some bright colourful shrubs throughout the garden. This will lighten up dull areas and attract the attention of potential buyers.

If you plan on having open homes at night Garden Lighting is also another way to draw people’s attentions certain areas of your garden and yard that you would like to show off. Garden Lighting creates a great atmosphere especially in areas where you would normally entertain guests outdoor. It also allows use of spaces that would become redundant at night time due to poor lighting.

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