You’ve probably thought about growing your own veggies. Imagined tending your own garden on a sunny afternoon. Thought about a really fresh salad grown from your own garden? What’s been stopping you? There’s no doubt that growing your own veggie garden can be fun and rewarding, but if you need a hand with the finer details, you can always call on someone from Premium Pools and Gardens for some more advice.

So why should you grow your own veggies?

Fresh is best

When was the last time you had something farm fresh – I’m not talking about big retailer fresh, but really farm fresh? When was the last time you tasted the sweetness of a just picked tomato, or the crispness of a just harvested carrot? The aroma of freshly cut celery? Experienced that room-filling deliciousness freshly harvested herbs bring? Fresh fruit and veggies just taste better – there’s no denying it. When you grow your own veggies, you don’t bring this freshness home – the freshness is at home!

Know your product

Do you know where your fruit and vegetables are grown? What goes into the soil? The additives, chemicals, fertilisers? How long the veggies have been sitting frozen in a warehouse, how many hands have handled your veggies, how many kilometres the veggies have taken to get to your store? If you can’t answer these questions, chances are you don’t know your product. When you grow your own veggies, it’s you that controls what you plant. It’s you that controls what fertiliser you use or don’t use. It’s you that controls when you harvest – not some far off farmer or retailer!

Bring your family together

Picture this: A sunny Sunday afternoon with your family, out in the back yard. Teaching your children the different veggies, fruit and herbs you have planted. Enjoying your children enjoy the outdoors and not stuck in front of a TV or computer screen. Picking your own grown delights. There’s no doubt that a veggie garden brings everyone together, where you can all learn to do something productive in the great outdoors.

Love the savings

Sick of paying top dollar for your veggies at a major retailer, or battling the crowd at the shops? Are you over forking over a premium price for a non-premium product? You can avoid that by growing your own veggies. With a veggie garden, you control the costs. You control how much you invest in your garden, when to grow, what to grow, what to put in your soil. Who knows – with the money you save, you might want to invest in expanding your garden!

Give like never before

As any home grower will confess, when you grow your own, you always have more than you need. When was the last time you were able to give the gift of fresh fruit or veggies to those you love? A fresh bunch of tomatoes or a crispy green lettuce? When was the last time you were able to just ‘drop around’ at friends with some fresh cucumbers? It feels pretty good to be able to give veggies that you’ve grown to those you love. With a veggie garden, you can do that.

You’ll love the benefits of growing your own veggies. The freshness. The flavour. The savings. The family time. So what are you waiting for? Get growing!