Keeping a pool in perfect swimming condition is not as difficult as one might think. Nevertheless, all pools need regular maintenance and routine care, as many suffer from common problems such as murky water or broken pumps. Want to find out more? Here are five tips to keep your pool in perfect swimming condition. Come summer time, your entire household will be thanking you!

Skim Debris

One of the fastest and easiest ways to keep your pool uncontaminated is by investing in a few handy gadgets that will help clean the swimming pool’s surface. For example, using a long-handed net or hand-skimmer can easily remove unwanted leaves, bugs and other debris. Not only will you keep your pool in top condition, doing this also lowers the amount of chlorine required and increases the efficiency of the pool’s circulation system. Helpful hint: Clean out the strainer baskets at least once a week to help circulation. Do this by simply removing the pool basket, scooping out the collected debris into a bin and then spraying the basket over with a hose.

Regularly Clean out the Pool Filter

You don’t want to clean out the pool filter more than the suggested amount, as it can actually encumber the infiltration process. Leaving a small amount of dirt in the filter helps trap other unwanted particles. You should clean the filter when the difference reaches 4.5 to 6.8 kilograms, or when the pool filter is visibly not functioning.

Professionally Service the Heater

Pool heaters need as much maintenance as the rest of the pool equipment. Before you start the cleaning process, be sure to read the pool manual. Doing this will reduce the potential of damaging your pool heater. From time to time, calcium scales can accumulate inside the tubes of your heater, thus restricting flow and preventing the water from sufficiently heating. If this occurs, the heater may need to be dismantled and have its interior cleansed by acid or a brush. Be sure to contact a pool professional such as Premium Pools and Gardens to eliminate any risk of damage. For more information, click here.

Check and Maintain the Water Level

Throughout the summer season, copious amounts of water will be lost through evaporation and water activities such as swimming and diving. While cleaning and refilling the pool with the garden hose (if necessary), you should examine the water level and ensure it doesn’t dip below the standard level of the skimmer. Making sure this doesn’t happen will keep your pump and pool filter functioning.

Use Superchlorinate

Ammonia and nitrogen are organic contaminants that can build up in your pool over time. Copious amounts of such contaminants can interact with chlorine to form chloramines, which is responsible for the harsh chlorine smell. To get rid of the smell, use super-chlorinate to bring chlorine levels back to normal.