Drainage is an integral part of any landscaping job, whether it’s for a newly constructed retaining wall or if it’s simply to allow water to freely run away from your tiered areas to avoid water logging. There are several different kinds of drainage and each have their particular benefits for each different job.


This method is the cheaper alternative, it simply requires the ground to be shaped in a manner where the water will run away freely. Preferably this would be done before a turfing job but can also be done after it, it just requires more labour. Always ensure that you are eradicating the problem and not just moving it further down your yard.


Ag pipe comes in sizes from 50mm up to 100mm and all sizes come slotted or non slotted, the slotted variety can be bought with a material sock over it, this is advisable as it prevents soil etc filling up the pipe. This can be used behind retaining walls, below ground surface level, or in any water logged areas. PPG recommend covering the pipe with a generous covering of drainage gravel, once covered, geo fab material should be laid over the gravel before any soil is installed.


This is the perfect choice for use alongside paths and paved areas. PPG’s recommended method of installation is to dig out a channel about 1.5 times the width and death of the drain and install a wet mortar mix. Lay the drain on this ensuring the water will run away in the right direction. We always advise the use of silicon to bue applied on all the joins and especially the waters exit point.