Looking to get your kids in the garden with you? It’s much easier than you think, and it’s a great activity that the whole family can do together. Whether you’re a beginner or already know the tricks of the trade, here are a few simple ways to get your kids out of the house and into gardening these holidays.

Begin with a Story

Just like any other project, it’s always good to begin by telling your children a story. Children love books, and will love gardening even more if you read them ones about growing veggies, planting, and the impact a garden can have on your family and the environment.

Create a Space for Everyone

When you’re looking to design your garden, make sure you designate a small space for everyone in your family. This means you can personalise your garden depending on the different types of plants and vegetables your family likes to eat. Make sure the area you chose is easily accessible with enough space for them to plant, water, weed, and harvest without their little feet trampling over the rest of the family’s crops.

Give Your Kids a Job

Kids take pride in their accomplishments, and older children benefit from the structure of regular responsibilities. A great way to prepare children for this is to set a list of tasks, such as watering the garden daily, or attending to a planter or window box. These will demonstrate how easy it is to achieve something, and will send a positive message to your children for their future endeavours. Kids love having their own task to perform, as it makes them feel important and valued within the family.

Teach Your Kids How to Use the Right Tools

Before you get started, you need to equip your kids with their own kid-sized gardening tools. Pick up a watering can, some garden markers, a set of hand tools, and some brightly coloured gardening gloves. Use the markers to show exactly where your child has planted their seeds, so they know exactly where each vegetable will grow.

Record Their Process

After your children have planted their seeds, you might want to start up a written or photo journal to document the growing process. Send your children out to the garden every afternoon to water, weed, and document how much their plants have grown. They might want to measure how tall they’re getting. This record can be kept in a folder so your kids can look through it every night before they go to bed. It’s also a great tool for reflection and keepsake for when they’re older.

Do you have any more tips on how to get the whole family involved? Do your children love the garden and outdoors? Share your ideas by commenting in the section below. For professional landscaping and garden maintenance advice, remember to contact a professional such as us here at Premium Pools and Gardens (https://www.premiumpg.com.au/). It’s amazing how your outdoor can be transformed into a paradise!