You’ve found the perfect block. The house designs look fantastic. The neighbourhood is in a great location. Where to from here? Your landscape! With many builders giving you the option of doing your own landscaping, how do you give your dream home the dream surrounds?

Have a read of these five simple tips for your first landscaping project.

What are you sitting on?

What will you be landscaping on? Builders refuse? Hard clay? Topsoil? Knowing what is under the ground will help you plan for what will be above it. Will you need to break up hard ground? What are the drainage properties of the soil? Are you going to work with the earth you’ve got, or strip it and replace it with something more conducive to growing the garden you want? Need a hand with understanding your soil? Have a chat to Premium Pools and Gardens for advice on how to start with the right earth.

North, South, East or West?

The direction of your block will determine what you can grow where. Think about what plants you want to grow. Does it need the morning sun? Will it survive in the shade in winter? Can it last the heat of summer? Knowing the direction your block faces will help you determine what you can grow and where.

She’s got the look

A savannah in suburbia? An English country garden? A rainforest in the backyard? Think about your entire yard. What’s the style you want to achieve? What’s the look you want to go for? Think ahead of the look you want for your garden and landscape – this will help you stay on track when it comes to executing your plans.

Stay on budget

Many first time landscapers make the mistake of going over budget. You want the best garden for your money, right? Don’t be scared to shop around. Do your homework before you start your landscape – you don’t want to be ‘that house’ in the street that ran out of funds before the lawn was laid!

Get the job done

Think about how you’re going to execute your landscape. Are you going to do it on your own? Are you going to pay someone to do some of the more taxing tasks? Will you be taking time off work, or is your project something you can do over a few weekends? Like planning your landscape within your budget, you also need to plan it within your time. You’ll need to think what your time and sanity is worth – sometimes it’s not a bad idea time-wise to get someone in to finish the job!

Planning your first landscape need not be scary. Start by understanding your land and know how the sun will affect your block. Start with the end in mind. By planning within your time and finance budget, you’ll be able to execute an amazing landscape!