Lawn aerating is an integral part of maintaining a lawn that will make your neighbour green with lawn envy. It should be carried out just after winter when the overnight temperatures get back into the early teens. There are many different methods of aerating, ranging from scarifying and coring to simpler methods such as using a garden fork to create holes across the lawn. Different types of grasses require different methods.

  • If aerating a Sir Walter lawn, best method is using a rotary mower and catcher. Drop the height of the mower about 3 heights lower than normal and mow the area, essentially all you are doing is scalping the lawn to get rid of the thatch and sponginess of the lawn, this will aid in water absorption. Once completed, feed with a dynamic lifter. It is important not to let your lawn get too high before mowing it again as you should never cut more than 1/3 of the blades of grass unless carrying out this method.
  • If aerating a cooch lawn, the most effective method is to use a scarifier which can be hired from Kennards hire . It rakes out the compacted layer of dead grass and exposes the soil so the cooch grass can spread and thicken up to create a lush lawn. Once completed, rake up the thatch and fertilise and finish with a watering in.