Paving is a great base for many outdoor areas, including driveways, paths, entertaining areas, pool surrounds, even a pad for wheelie-bins to sit.

There are many different products, sizes, colours and shapes for paving in Brisbane. With some masonry companies now making different size pavers that fit together as a unit.

Pavers can be laid on either a sand or crusher dust base, usually 25mm-50mm deep. Screed rails are used to achieve a completely flat surface for the pavers to sit. If the base is uneven, the pavers will not sit flat and can become unsafe. Under the sand or dust base, 50mm of Road Base should be installed and compacted. Even if you have your sand base level and compact, the ground below can sometimes move or sink causing the pavers to also sink.

Many different patterns can be used when laying pavers, more commonly used in Brisbane are: Herringbone, stretcher bond, stack bond and basket weave. A great feature paving pattern is circular paving. Simply mark out your circle, prepare your base and infill with pavers. Looks great with an outdoor seat and some pot plants.

Whatever your paving requirements, call PPG to arrange a fast quote.