Pruning can be carried out for a number of reasons; different plants require different kinds of pruning. Some shrubs require regular pruning to increase density i.e.; Murraya paninculata requires regular tip pruning to avoid becoming “leggy”.

  • Regular pruning promotes growth and thickness.
  • Research on the best time to prune specific trees and shrubs or better still contact PPG via our website
  • When pruning is carried out before spring, a feeding with a slow release fertiliser and a top up of mulch is recommended.
  • To minimise pest & disease infestation, ensure all pruning tools are kept sharp and clean, a 50/50 mix of Dettol & water works best for secateurs and hand saws.
  • If Pruning a shrub that is infested with Pests & Diseases, be sure to pick up the infected trimmings to avoid re infestation. Bag them up and put them in your general rubbish bin for council dumping.